Kaitlyn L. Parkins

Ecologist. Educator. Urban Adventurist.

A Picture of Kaitlyn

I’m an ecologist broadly interested in wildlife conservation and the effects of human activities and development on species of concern.

Much of my work thus far has focused on conservation of both nocturnal and diurnal flying vertebrates, and the role of urban green spaces in supporting these taxa.

For my M.S. I investigated the role of green roofs in providing foraging habitat for bats in NYC as well as the effects of anthropogenic land use, landscape heterogeneity, and spatial connectivity of green space on insectivorous bats in urban habitats.

I am currently collaborating with New York City Audubon and the Wildlife Conservation Society to study the diversity and seasonal activity patterns of bats in New York City.








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  • Green roofs provide foraging habitat for bats in NYC. Paper Presentation. North American Symposium for Bat Research. Albany, NY. October 2014.
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Invited Talks

  • Nocturnal Neighbors: The Bats of New York City. Linnaean Society of New York Lecture Series. New York, NY. April 2016.
  • The Secret Life of New York City Green Roofs. Audubon Lecture Series. New York, NY. October 2014.